An Organized Student’s Dismissal Route in Case of a Bad Weather

Here in our country, Philippines. As we all know, we have two types of Seasons, first, is the dry season and followed by the wet season. These two seasons do really affect us in our daily lives; especially when it comes to our health, it doesn’t  just affect the elderly, but also the students.Here in DImage may contain: people standing, sky, outdoor and natureon Bosco Academy, the whole Education Pastoral Community is also being affected by the weather especially during the wet season, which results to congestion during the dismissal time of the students.

This is where our Project Proposal comes in. This project is entitled “An Organized Student’s Dismissal Route in Case of Bad Weather” This project proposal aims to develop a systematic way of discharging the students from their classrooms going to their service vehicles in orderly manner without having congestions or blockage along the way.

With this proposal, we’re hoping for a faster and organized way which will surpass all the problems that the whole EPC is facing in times of this kind of weather. Because here in Don Bosco Academy, we do not only think the safety of our family but also our health.

In the occurrence of a bad weather during dismissal, the walk paths are congested due to Image may contain: outdoor, water and naturethe crowdedness of the students sheltering in the area. With this situation, some bosconians are forced to walk under the rain that causes them to catch colds and others diseases that they could acquire because of walking under the rain.


Health is very important,  it  affects every students’ performance in school. Diseases such as colds and flu can hinder students thinking capability, learning  and other abilities that students must enhance and develop inside the school.
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About our project

If ever that it’s raining during the dismissal, there will be an announcement that will tell on what grade levels should go down first. Image may contain: one or more people, wedding, crowd, tree and outdoorIn the plan, all grade 7 should be the first ones to go down and grade 12 being the last. The route will start from the covered area in front of registrars office moving along to the covered gate until the gym. All students should already go on their respective services. If their service is not yet in the vicinity of the school, the students should stay first on the gym, waiting for the last grade level to go down before they can move out of the gym. Image may contain: 22 people, crowd and outdoorWith this, students acquiring diseases from walking under the rain such as colds and flu would be prevented. The congestion and crowding of walk paths would not happen anymore. This would improve the organization and discipine of the Education Pastoral Community as well as secure  the students’ welfare, health and safety.

Our objectives

The main objective of this project is to avoid the congestion and crowding of walk paths every dismissal during a bad weather. Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, people standingThe secondary objectives of this is to lessen the chance of the bosconians to catch colds or other diseases that they could acquire from walking under the rain and to have a safe and more organize route when leaving the school premises.


A White Beach within reach

If you’re looking for an adventure like jumping on a cliff or riding a boat, Bolinao Pangasinan is must place to go.

Patar Beach is very much attractive for it possesess some rock formation which give the beach more pleasing looks.

       Patar White Beach 

this beach is very much within reach for those who live in the area of Luzon and                with the closure of Boracay this can be an alternative white beach. You can enjoy                sunbathing pictorials with different rock formation, swimming and sightseeing in              the beach.

                                               This is another picture of the beach itself


Bolinao Falls                                                                                                                                          You can dive into the fresh water of Bolinao Falls with safety because there are life vest for rent to ensure your safety when you dive you can also rent nippa huts for you to chill and enjoy the nature before you’ll enjoy the falls you need to climb up and down for you to dive.

You can travel to bolinao falls where you can falls dive and enjoy the wonderful serene place also you can go to the breathtaking Bani via boat where you can go cliff diving . There are many attraction like the Lighthouse and many different resorts where you can take your time to rest and relax from your busy life.


It became a tourist attraction in bolinao because it been standing for over decades to guide the ships and vessel that cruise through the West Philippine Sea.Get a view of nature on higher perspective now on this lighthouse.

Breathtaking Bani

You must rent a boat to experience the breathtaking cliff diving it’s safe for the owner the boat and his acquittances will guide you on how to jump and will give you life vest for your safety.

Recommended Hotel & Resort

G Beach Resort 

Enjoy the wonderful resort of G beach with an infinity pool, cozy rooms delicious food and a great service of the staff. Their They claim that they are the best Beach Resort in Patar.

Services & Amenities

  • Children and Adult Infinity Pool
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Basketball Court, half court
  • Beachfront for team building activities
  • Common toilets and shower rooms with the resort premises
  • G Cafe serving refreshments, alcoholic drinks and snacks
  • Videoke available from 10 AM to 10 PM only
  • Boat Ride to see the amazing reefs, rock formations, pristine beaches ideal for snorkeling, swim site, cliff diving and deep sea swimming.
  • Mountain/Forest trekking with tour guide


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Prayer within nature

Related image

Enjoy a time of silence and reflection surrounded by nature. Monasterio de Tarlac is located on top of a mountain in San Jose, Tarlac.

Image result for relic of the holy cross monasterio de tarlac

One of the special reasons why people come from all around Luzon is because there lies a relic of the Holy Cross which Jesus carried while being whipped and pushed around by the Roman Soldiers.

Related image

The first time I went there it was a really fun and blessed experience. As priests from the monastery really welcomed us people from different places and thanking us for coming there despite the long twist and turns in just coming up the mountain.

The mass there took 2 hours and the homily took a whole hour to finish. The mass is really solemn and silence is really observed. The place also provides good mess halls to eat your food with your family just be sure to keep it clean after using it and the tables are on a first come first serve basis. Visitors must keep in mind to think of the others who will use the tables later on as well.

Related image


I recommend coming to the big statue of Christ the redeemer similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil but in the monastery it is facing in the mountains in San Jose Tarlac.

Image result for monasterio de tarlac


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Nature’s Hidden Home

If you’re from Metro Manila and tired of the long trips going to Baguio, or tired of those heavy traffic from tourists in Tagaytay. We strongly recommend another picturesque location with the natures of Tagaytay and the chilly climate of Baguio City.

Our team presents to you.. Tanay, Rizal.

There are many different places to explore in this small municipality of Rizal, we have visited some for you to look into for your next trip:

1. Treasure Mountain (Camp Site)

This camp site has been circulating the social medias for some time. It has been known for it’s “Sea of Clouds” scenery that is enjoyed by the campers both by early morning and late afternoon. This site provides the most exquisite view of the mountains of Sierra Madre and makes you feel as if you’ve hiked to a mountain in Baguio. In reality, the walk to the top of their campsite where you get the perfect view is just short.

2. Masungi Georeserve

An adventure site that is really good for brave-hearted adventurers. The main attraction of this place is it’s web-like structured ropes. You could brave and go into the center for the best photo-op you can for your IG feed.

3. Ten Cents To Heaven

An adventure resort that caters mostly to company outings and team building activities. They have a site with obstacle courses for team building activities. The main attraction of this site is it’s long and breath-taking zipline which is definitely a must-try!

4. Bakasyunan Resort

If you’re planning for a family or barkada outing, we strongly recommend for you to try and check-in to this resort. It has a homey and chill vibe that those of you who would want a break from all the stress would truly enjoy.

They have numerous activities:

  • Snook Ball
  • Mud Slide
  • 4 Pools & Giant Pool Volleyball
  • Videoke Rooms
  • Team Building Obstacle Course
  • Billiard Hall

You could choose to stay in their rooms for overnight or avail their tent pitching and go Camper Mode in their provided camp site.

At special seasons, they sometimes hold band showings and even garden movie showings to enjoy with your family or barkada

5. Regina Rica (Pilgrimage Site)

For those who would want to take time to reflect and strengthen their faith, it is a must to visit this site. This place is managed by sisters devoted to Regina Rosarii. The place is kept sacred and holy at all times. There is a church where masses are held, stations of the cross for pilgrims during Holy Week, and the main attraction is the big monument of Regina Rosarii where there is a chapel and prayer room under the covers of the monument.

For food spots, we visited 2 online-famous places in Tanay:

1. Pico de Pino Restaurant

A great place for families and big groups. You could choose to stay inside their actual restaurant or enjoy the natures of Rizal through their viewdeck dining. They serve sumptuous food especially their “lutong ulam” dishes. Here you could enjoy two of the best things for the ultimate traveller, breathtaking views and satisfying food.

2. Park, Rest, and Dine Café

Approaching Masungi Georeserve (if you come from Metro Manila), you should definitely drop by and enjoy food here. It is a restaurant cafe with a very homey and calming vibe. The place itself caters to small groups to preserve the place’ relaxing feels.

What I would recommend for you is to try their pancit, sinigang, and other meals they offer. It is also a must to avail their unlimited brewed coffee – served by the most polite and accomodating restaurant manager. All in all, the experience in this foodie spot is unforgettable because of the food, vibe, and the praise-worthy staff.

Tanay is not only known for the food, hiking, and mountains. It is also home to numerous waterfalls.

The most accessible and most visited site is the Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls


               Daranak Falls                                                             Batlag Falls

If you think that hearing “falls” means trekking or hiking to reach the destination, think again. The local government of Tanay made this tourist  attraction accesible and developed for visitors to enjoy. With its accessibilty, you can visit two falls in one site. Yes, you read it right, enjoy the beautyof both Daranak and Batlag in one place.


An additional sight, just a few kilometers of travel is the Pililla Wind Farm that is also a most-visited place in Tanay. It is owned by a private electric company but half of the sight is opened to the public for tourism purposes.

Visit Tanay! Enjoy being the real adventurer

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